Agro Processing Loan Product

This is a Project Finance facility up to a maximum loan amount of K2,000,000.00 that targets start-up MSMEs and/or Cooperatives in the Agriculture sector involved in adding value to primary (raw) agricultural produce into consumable commodities i.e. transforming fresh produce into a state that preserves and prolongs its shelf-life.


This is an affordable, competitive, easily accessible product with a flexible repayment plan up to a maximum of sixty(60) months and a six (6) months grace period (principal repayment moratorium) shall be given to all loan beneficiaries to set-up and operationalize the project.


The Commission accepts movable and immovable assets as pledged collateral (loan security) and includes some of the following ; Accounts Receivables ,Machinery and/or Equipment, Company stock, Motor vehicles, Landed properties, etc. Note also that the Commission accepts third-party collateral with a duly signed consent letter from the collateral owner.


Established and operating as an Agro processor (MSMEs/Cooperatives) with a viable business project.

  • Beneficiary must be a Zambian Citizen with a Green National Registration Card
  • Established and operating as an Agro processor (MSMEs/Cooperatives) with a viable business project.
  • For Business Names and Limited Companies, one must be a registered company with a PACRA certificate of incorporation
  • For Cooperatives, one must be registered with Department of Cooperative.
  • Must provide sufficient collateral to secure the loan being applied for.
  • Must have a ZRA Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN)



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